Bubzbeauty Make-up Brush Review

I’m back from exams! So that means it’s time for another review! So I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Bubzbeauty on YouTube, but she has recently released a second set of brushes. Before buying these brushes I was actually looking for some reviews since they were a little bit on the pricer side (for me) and didn’t know if they were worth it.

Most of the reviews at that time (2 weeks ago) were actually of people who were sent the brushes by Bubz herself, and I was really beginning to feel that their review was a little bias (they would state a con and then turn around and say “it’s totally normal).Although I kept listening and knew I just had to try and review them for myself.

Sorry it’s such a long post! Now away we go with the review!

Disclaimer: I was NOT sent these brushes as a gift. I actually had to purchase them myself with my own money. 

I bought:
Essentials Kit (includes – powder brush, sculpting brush, dual cover brush, dual eye brush, shader brush and detail brush) – $44.30 AUD
Then I bought a few individual brushes
Dome: $14.76 AUD
HD Flawless: $13.11 AUD
Blending: $5.73 AUD


 The brushes that I ordered. 😀


A little note that came with the brushes!


A brush description at the back of the package

Powder Brush
This brush is SUPER SOFT and REALLY dense. It picks up SO much product which is good, just be careful when using it since it does tend to pack a punch during application. (I went to put finishing powder on, and had so much powder on my face it turned me pale…) but it buffers out all the powder really evenly. There was a little shedding when washing and splaying of some bristles.


Sculpting Brush
One super dense and soft brush. This brush also picks up a lot of product and is great for sculpting due to the angular shape of the brush. There was no shedding during the washing process, although there are a few splaying bristles when I went to place it back into the packaging it came in.


Dual Cover Brush
This brush gives a very clean finish and the dual end means if I need to take it somewhere, I have coverage for both foundation and concealer! This brush was a little hard to wash since the foundation would be between the bristles of the brush and you could definitely tell it wasn’t clean. I actually had to re-wash this brush the next day since I didn’t realize it was dirty until after the brush had dried. Also another down side to the washing is that you have to wash one side at a time and wait for it to try before washing the next side, if not the water could eventually make the bristles loose… I do wish it was 2 separate brushes some times.


Dual Eye Brush
You have one side which is super soft and picks up a ton of eye shadow with a single swipe, and the other side which is dense but not so soft – although it’s great for blending. I still have the problem with the cleaning since it is dual ended, so it takes longer to actually clean the brush.


Shader Brush
Great for blending, there really isn’t much to it. It does what it’s meant to do. Although it doesn’t look like a soft brush, but trust me; it is. I loved how it was small enough to blend between my crease line. This brush shed while washing but was very easy to clean.

UPDATE 10/8/13: This brush shed like crazy while washing, so I would not recommend frequent washing if it can be helped.


Detail Brush
This small brush is pretty good, although I would like it to be a little “finer” since I use it for eyeliner, but it is easy to use and does the job well. Although when washing, you do have to be really careful since the water could easily go down the part of the barrel where the glue is holding the brush together.


Dome Brush
I actually went back and ordered this brush because I really wanted to try it. This multipurpose brush is definitely for those who want a brush that can do multiple things on the go. It also picks up a lot of product and definitely contours the face well because of the “pointed” end. The only problem I found is that the brush guard that came with it actually splays the bristles, so i’m actually tossing up between using it (the guard) and just keeping it aside.


HD Flawless Brush
So this was the best seller in the last make-up brush set, so Kim convinced me to give it a go! I’m so glad that I got it. This brush gives a flawless streak free finish and gets into every corner of the face. If you’re going to buy just one face brush, I would recommend this brush to everyone. This will definitely be a best seller from this set as well.


Blending Brush
I thought that I would need this brush, but I actually use the shader brush from the essentials kit more than this. The bristles are a bit long and when trying to blend out the eyeshadow, it does tend to move around a lot. I would prefer this brush with shorter bristles for an easier blending process.


– They are all very high quality brushes
– Very soft and fluffy
– All do their job very well
– A definite improvment from the first range

– They take a long time to wash (I think it’s just the cold weather, I’ll see how it is in the Summer)
– Some splaying of bristles
– Shedding is evident while washing
– A little hard to wash some brushes (dual cover brush)

So I realized after ordering I should have just ordered the full brush set instead 3 individual brushes and an essentials kit… but oh well too late now.

My honest opinion
If you can afford to buy these brushes, then do. They are great for those that use make-up regularly and they do make the make-up application easier. Although if these are not in your budget then you really aren’t missing out on anything big. The brush prices actually went up due to the falling Australian dollar, but if you don’t live in Australia then you could always change the currency it’s viewed in. If you were to buy one face brush or one eye brush I would recommend:

Face Brush: 
– HD Flawless or Dome (They are equal first in my opinion)

Eye Brush:
– Dual Eyes

To look at the rest of the range/shop/buy these brushes then go to www.shopbubbi.com

I hope this review actually helped in your decision to buy the brushes!




2 thoughts on “Bubzbeauty Make-up Brush Review

  1. I really like her brushes ^-^ but mostly her face brushes 🙂 if you haven’t I recommend the buffer brush! I love the domed brush too! But it sheds like crazy TT.TT and it’s my favorite brush too. I want to either buy two backups or find a better non shedding alternative (^~^) The HD brush I found kinda dense due to it being synthetic and sometimes streaky so I really have to work hard to blend them in 🙂 but regardless still a good line!

    • Hi Holly!

      I have to agree with you on bubz having a good line of brushes! Unfortunately I didn’t buy the whole set which I did kind of regret… so I haven’t tried out the buffer brush! Maybe in the near future I’ll order it and test it out for myself, but thank you for the recommendation! Right now my favourite brush is actually her sculpting brush which is super dense and perfect for contouring the cheeks

      I tend to use the foundation/concealer brush first and then I use my HD flawless to try and get rid of the streaks.

      Thanks for reading!

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